Literary & dramatic life

This is a hub page for my various activities in the textual arts.

After I had finished my life at sea - 20+ years of it - I wrote a book about it. It is a family adventure story, taking me from a desk chair in Reuters News Agency to the mud flats of East Anglia, Denmark, France, the Mediterranean, Spain, the Caribbean and North America. You can buy the book on Amazon, but even there it is way overpriced. Nothing I can do about it, however.

Just after I went ashore for good, I got involved in the suicide of my then girl friend’s friend. I wrote a gripping, really down beat play as a result. It was called Whiling Away The Time.

A decade after I arrived in America, I found myself running a small theatre, the high point of which was writing another play (…, Chekhov) for a fundraiser with Tommy Lee Jones and Stockard Channing.

Cecilia is an excellent cook, but with a basic ten in the household (six children, two au pair girls, and the two of us), she was not about to refuse help. In our early days together, I was too busy in Reuters to do much, but when we began our sea life I started to keep manuscript records of her recipes. After we parted, and I lived alone, the only way I could afford to meet friends was to cook for them, continuing to expand on the notes I had taken during Cecilia’s time. They eventually became formalised on a computer, and now occupy a cookbook, based on experience with feeding crowds going back 50 years.

I manage the literary Estate of my mother, Enid Bagnold which mostly consists of granting licences, but occasionally, with her two flagship works (a play The Chalk Garden, and a book National Velvet), it becomes exciting and arduous work.

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