My second portfolio

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I made the top two ovals from a neighbour’s gift of plywood. I wanted an overall green appearance, shaded from the densest green, hard to distinguish from black (edges and columns), to the lightest, verging on yellow (table centre). The picture does not do justice to this striking effect.

The eight wooden columns supporting the shelves had to be precise (to fit the space available and the height of the storage jars), and were therefore turned individually. They are are all disposed on ellipses concentric with the shelves.

The base has a clearance of ¼” from the floor (to avoid fouling obstacles, like extension cords). It contains two plastic pipes mounted on ball races, so that the table can be pulled in and out in a straight line with little effort.

I wanted a temporary resting place for baking trays waiting for the oven, and storage for the few ingredients used in baking, next to the drawer holding pastry making tools. The result was this table which rolls in and out under my main work space.