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Plastic pipe is cheap and readily available, so I fitted several objects (my dining chair, a storage box for baking trays, and a pastry table) with a plastic pipe supported concentrically on a steel arbour, bushed to fit with wood.

There are two configurations.

For limited traverse (eg the chair which I don’t want to shoot away as I sit down), the steel arbour is bushed solidly into the pipe. There are no bearings, the ends of the arbour roll on steel tracks in just the way that slides on racing shells work. The constraints are shown on the left.

I wanted the pastry table to roll anywhere, so in this case I fitted bearings to connect the arbour and the pipe.

If you want to push pieces of furniture around on a hard floor, you go to the hardware store and buy casters. But they have problems: they need a lot of height, they don’t always swivel and they can damage the floor. Here’s an alternative.

A technical note