In 1993, Rosalind and I bought a pair of houses, attached to each other, sitting in a plot only 10 ft larger than the building's foot print. It has 19 rooms divided between four apartments, one of which we occupied.

Rent control, voted out in November 1994 after 30 years, had meant we took on a lot of deferred maintenance. Over the years to date (2018), I have spent more time on our own apartment, but I also realised that the rental apartments needed a lot of work to keep them up to their market potential.

Probably the first job of any significance was building a garden fence. I had originally intended that its steel structure would disappear from view under vegetation and that is indeed what has happened.

Other works:

Kitchen sink, kitchen porch, pastry drawer, pastry table, rollers and spice rack in #6-2
Sink unit in #8-1
Bathroom wall cabinets in #6-1 and in #6-2
Curtain rail in #6-1
Curtain rails in #8-2
Double bed in #6-2
A slide show of smaller objects

My second portfolio

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This page serves as a hub for the more significant new work I have done in our house. The vast majority of the work was, of course, maintenance or bringing items up to standard, but I made time to build new items