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We expect vacancies in 2012
#6-1 (3 rooms + eik)
#8-2 (6 rooms + eik)
#8-1 (2 rooms + eik)
The present tenant’s bedroom (a rollover shows a larger picture of the bathroom)
#6-3 (single room)
The kitchen showing sink and dishwasher and stove (a rollover shows the cupboards on the interior wall)
#6-1 front room Schur.jpg
#6-1 dining room.jpg
#6-1 bedroom.jpg
Porch 080702.jpg
Kitchen 080702.jpg
#6 tower 080703.jpg
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The Tower Room (earlier tenant)
The Dining Room (earlier tenant)
The screened porch
The kitchen (it has a dishwasher)
This is the tower (with a rollover of the entrance to the bottom right)
How the present tenant arranged the dining room as a sitting room (looking through to the Tower room)
Bedroom higher level 5¼x2¼.jpg
Kitchen towards windows 5¼x2.jpg