The end of Gray


We made the sails of the heaviest Dacron we could find. It’s like sewing slippery sheet steel: it won’t stay put unless glued and it has no give.

I got bored of pulling the seamed material away from Cecilia as she machined it together, so I rigged a bucket of water through a block on the yard arm and back to the sail material to do the pulling for me.

All I knew about design was that the edge of the sail had to be the right curve to give the right belly to the sail.

We laid what Cecilia had sewn together on a vacant lot, cut the edges, took it back to the ship for Cecilia to complete.

Our original heavy flax sails were made by Jim Lawrence of Maldon, Essex in England. But after we left England this became impracticable because of freight delays, charges and Customs duties. So, we made the sails ourselves.

The sails we made together